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Series Hotline: 402-881-0598

Available 24hrs a day / 7 days a week!!!!



NSMS Forms

Membership forms can be mailed in prior to the start of the season or submitted at any events / races that the NSMS is attending.

The Race Entry form can also be completed and printed in advance and brought to the track on race day to save you time at sign up.

Only the NSMS Membership Form can be submitted in advance. Please do not mail the Race Entry forms to us.

Series memberships are $35. A series membership is required to qualify for the NSMS Championship. Results will be tracked toward the series championship upon the purchase of a membership (Races prior to the purchase of the membership will not be included)

If you do not have a valid NSMS membership, you will be required to purchase a day pass ($5) for each event. Day passes are sold at the track on race day and are not applied toward the purchase of a series membership.

(If you are a member of the Cornhusker Series, present your Cornhusker membership card at any NSMS event and the day pass fee will be waived. Thank you for participating in a motocross series in the state of Nebraska!)

NSMS Membership Form Race Entry Form Series Rules
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.:Round 2: April 13th at White Sands Raceway!:.

The 2014 schedule is now available on the Schedule & Info page.


Round 2 of the Nebraska State Motocross Series is Sunday April 13th at White Sands Raceway in Ashland, NE.

Open practice scheduled for Saturday, racing on Sunday. All riders are welcome to come practice on Saturday, you do not have to race on Sunday in order to practice on Saturday.

Gates will be open Friday evening from 6pm to 10pm. Please be respectful to other campers and pit areas around you.

Golf carts and pit vehicles are allowed. Pedestrians have the right of way over any pit vehicle or motorcycle, please be considerate as you navigate through the pits. Any one caught driving wrecklessly will be asked to stop using their pit vehicle.


Here is a preview of the schedule:

Gate Fee: Gate fee for the weekend is $10 per person. 5 and under are free.



Gate Open: 6pm - 10pm



Gate Open: 8am - 10pm

Organized Practice: 10am - 3pm ($20 per rider)



Gate Open: 8am

Sign up: 8am - 10am (Racers signing up after 10am are late and will be assessed a late fee)

Class Entry Fees: $35 1st class, $30 2nd class, $25 each additional (All Money classes are $35)

NSMS Membership Fee: $35 (this is a one time fee for the entire year to compete for the series championship. Racers that do not purchase a membership will be subject to a $5 Day Pass at each event)

Practice Starts: 9am (Organized warm-up sessions. Must be signed up to race in order to practice)

Riders Meeting: 10:15am

Racing Starts: 10:30am


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Series Race event updates will be posted on the Series Hotline: 402-881-0598. This number is available 24hrs a day/7 days a week. If weather forces cancellation of event, we will post that information to the hotline immediately and work to update the website as soon as possible. I recommend using the hotline for all updates on race weekend as I sometimes experience internet connectivity issues at some track locations which can delay website updates.


.:2013 Dealer Cup Champion:.

Congratulations to Advanced Motorsports for winning the 2013 Dealer Cup Championship!

We are accepting teams for the 2014 Dealer Cup at this time. Please email your team list and team name to us at admin@nebraskamx.com.


.:2014 Dealer Cup Challenge:.

Which team will be crowned the 2014 Challenge Champion?

This year the challenge is open to any team that wants to compete. Just like professional racing, where there are "factory" teams and privateer or satellite teams the NSMS Dealer Cup Challenge is no different. Thinking about putting together a team? Here are some ideas:

- Dealers may choose to run more than one team (perhaps a main team and a grassroots team)

- If you own a business, consider putting together a team to represent your company

- Have a group of friend that you enjoy racing with? How about a team of buddies

- Seek out opportunities for outside sponsorship for your team just like the privateer riders.


Will Advanced Motorsports take the title again in 2013? or will another team win the challenge?



1. Recruit up to 5 riders to represent your team

2. Email your Team Name, Rider List, and Team Leader contact info to admin@nebraskamx.com

3. Any points earned by your team members at any NSMS event are also applied to the team's Dealer Cup point standings

4. The Team with the most points at the end of the season wins


Dealer Cup Challenge Rules:

1. Open to any dealership or private team anywhere in the US

2. Riders must be 2014 NSMS members to participate on a team

3. Points do not start accruing until your team list is received.

4. Riders cannot ride for multiple teams

5. No rider substitutions during the season


Once you form your team, consider putting together a team video and sending it to us. We will advertise your team on our Pics and Video page!

.:New Video Series!:.

We are putting together a variety of videos on the NebraskaMotocross YouTube page!

Our first set of videos is part of a Dealer Spotlight series. We want to introduce the people behind the parts counter at your local dealership. The parts guys and gals are all passionate about motorcycles and many have extensive backgrounds and knowledge about motocross.

Other video series are in the works including product reviews, How-to's, series updates and rider spotlights!

If you have a suggestion for a video let us know! Email us your ideas at admin@nebraskamx.com and share your idea!

Click the YouTube icon below to check out our YouTube channel. Be sure to subscribe and be the first to know about new videos.

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.:2013 Season Review Video:.