NSMS is proud to announce our 5th year this year! As many of you have noticed there have been some changes and new ownership! We are excited for the new oppertunity to build & grow the motocross sport in Nebraska. We are proud of the tracks and volunteers that have teamed up with us to make 2015 on of the best years yet! We look forward to seeing everyone at the track, not only building the sport but also the relationships and families as well!
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Membership Form
2015 Race Schedule
March 15- Abbott MX
April 12- Fidder Creek
April 19- Off Road Ranch
April 26- Abbott MX
May 3- Fiddler Creek
June 14- Off Road Ranch
June 28- Fiddler Creek
July 25- Fair Race @ West Fair
August 9- Off Road Ranch
September 13- Yankton Scramblers MX
September 26 & 27- Riverside Raceway
October 11- Fiddler Creek 
Race Day Entry Form
2015 Series Rules
Race Day Info:
Gates Open: Saturday 8AM-10PM and Sunday 8AM
Gate Fees: $10/person for weekend pass (Ages 5 & Under Free)
Race Day Sign up: 8AM-930AM
Practice: 9AM
Races Start : 1030AM 
All fans, riders and ages welcome!